Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Muscular Vixen: the Mesomorph body type

The amazing mesomorph female could be thought of as the “genetically gifted”. She has a relatively easy time building muscle and keeping bodyfat to a desirable level. Those of us with this bodytype sometimes make looking good look almost effortless. Lady Mesomorph’s frame is athletic, strong, compact and naturally lean. She has excellent posture and with the shoulders being wider than the hips, she tends to have an hourglass figure.

Thanks to great genetics, I have been blessed as a true mesomorph. The advantage to having mesomorphic qualities is having a great foundation on which to build. The combination of gaining muscle and losing fat fairly quickly allows the mesomorph to achieve fantastic definition of the body. However, a disadvantage is as easily as we lose fat, we can gain fat also… especially as we age. Just because I can make it look easy doesn’t mean that I have it easy. I still have to work to keep up a great physique.

Mesomorph Physique Transformation objectives should be to:
  • Focus on weight loss to shrink the waistline and bring out the true mesomorph hourglass figure 
  • Incorporate a consistent cardio workout to shed bodyfat 
  • In resistance training, focus on more repetitions and less weight to slenderize and contour our already muscular figure
        As a naturally muscular woman, one problem I face is a lack of direction in my workouts. My body plateaus quickly so I have to constantly change up my routine. And I have to visualize what I want my body to look like and work with that vision in mind. Because I’ve been working out consistently for a few years, I’m so in tune with my body that I train with a mind-muscle connection rather than keep up with my sets and reps. And when I’m on my “A” game, it's fairly simple to maintain my fitness. However, when I let life "get in the way" and lose focus, I tend to lose motivation and assume that I can slide by with very little effort. However, my bad habits can catch up with me in the end if I don’t nip them in the bud quick!

        Stay tuned for more on how to fine tune the mesomorph frame and how to overcome the meso-endomorph syndrome or as I like to call it, “fat buff”. And soon I will be chronicling my “Meso-morphosis” as I work on shedding 8 lbs of excess bodyfat that I’ve gained this past year.

        ~Bee FAB, Forever Absolutely Blessed to be a Mesomorph ;)


        1. Before I wasn't aware that I'm a predominantly mesomorph (or more accurately meso-endomorph but with 80% or more mesomorphic characteristics) until I started going to gym & had my body type tested. I thought I was en endomorph & would always used my "slow metabolism" as an excuse for my being overweight. I've always been tagged as tomboyish eversince I was a kid because I'm aggressive, love playing sports & have muscular frame especially on my legs where my calves stand out. But just like what you mentioned on our downside, I also had some series of weight gain issues though I lose weight easily but at the same time I tend to gain fat easily too. So its still a must for us to still watch what we eat & exercise. I was overweight because of my PCOS & also due to my negligence but just after several months of dedicated proper diet & exercise w/o pills, my body completely transformed into a more toned & I observe that I'm seeing muscle definition on my body just after a month of weight training.

        2. Thanx for sharing, J.! Congrats on your success! I'll be posting more about the hybrids meso-endomorph & ecto-endomorph soon. Also, stay tuned for my training programs tailored to each body type. It"s great to know they are testing for bodytypes in the gym. I'd love to know the gym. If you don't feel comfortable posting it, you can email me at